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RE: Innovative Strategies for Electric Utilities

>>> "Snyder, Mark" <mark.snyder@moea.state.mn.us> 07/19/02 02:43PM >>>
Thanks Mark!  That does help me understand the significance of this permit.

I think you should post this reply to the discussion lists.  I think it would help a great deal for other folks who may be wondering about this now as a result of my post.


Mark Snyder

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> The scrubbers were a trade -off in order for the facility to have flexibility to upgrade/improve heat rate.  The permit is innovative for the electric utility industry in that it sets a PAL "cap" on the facility rather than individula stacks - the cap is set to reduce signifcantly over a 10 year period.

> Under current permiting for utilities - no facility cap/no flexibility.   The P2 comes from the heat rate improvements that will occur as a result of no NSR requirements.  

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