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P2 for your car and for fleet vehicles

Title: P2 for your car and for fleet vehicles

Here's something I think you will find interesting-a device that you add to the oil filter on your car that continuously cleans your motor oil as you drive. It removes acids, water, particulates and other contaminants of your motor oil that are the byproducts of combustion to keep it clean and maintain its original lubricating properties.

Some of you will recall a listserv discussion about two years ago about synthetic motor oil and how some of us extend the time between oil changes to 10,000 miles and beyond because of the improved lubricity of synthetic oil. According to the information on the Luberclean website <www.luberclean.com/index.htm>, you can now go 30,000 miles between oil changes with passenger cars. Commercial truckers (i.e. 18-wheelers) and fleet owners can now go 100,000 miles between changes.

It is my plan to try this combination of synthetic oil and the Lubriclean filter on my new Toyota. Stay tuned for the results.

If we all did this, think of all of the used motor oil we would no longer be generating...and of the hassles and expense of changing our oil every 3 - 5000 miles that we would no longer be having..