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RE: black light inspection for residual cutting oil

Title: RE: black light inspection for residual cutting oil

Hi Michelle,

Black light detection has been tried in the past but the method tends to suffer from poor sensitivity.  Gross amounts of oil on the surface are required for enough light to be given off for detection by the naked eye. Either a fluorescent dye must be added to the oil (to increase light output) or a very strong black light is required (worker eye exposure is an issue). To boost sensitivity, a combination of dye and electronic visual detection may be employed. Unfortunately, it is the electronic visual detection part that boosts the costs. From a cost versus sensitivity perspective, it's hard to beat a water break test.

One place where black light detection is successfully employed in in crack detection. The parts are immersed or sprayed with a fluorescent dye-containing oil that seeps into any cracks or porous areas. After cleaning, the residual oil will seep out and be detected by the black light.

To find out the latest in available equipment, you should check out the precision cleaning website.  I believe that they may have merged with their sister publication, parts cleaning, and may have a new address.  A quick google search should turn up the current link.

Mike Callahan, PE
Principal Chemical Engineer
Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.
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Is anyone successfully and cost-effectively using black lights to inspect for
residual cutting oil after cleaning of machined parts?  (supposedly some oils
will fluoresce under black light)?


Michelle Gaither
Tech Lead, PPRC

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