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Fwd: Re: Metals in Printing Ink

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One good way to search for info. on this subject is to use the search feature on the PNEAC web site.  I typed in metal and found the following information:

A good contact on this question is:

George Fuchs
Director, Environmental Affairs
National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers
777 Terrace Ave.
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604
Tel.: 201/288-9454
Fax: 201/288-9453

On June 1, 1998 Doreen Monteleone of FTA answered essentially the same question from Donna Pederson of MinnTAP as follows:

If the inserts were printed flexographically, it is unlikely. Most ink
companies have stopped adding lead, mercury, cadmium or hexavalent chromium
to flexo inks. I'm aware that Minnesota regulates the use of these and
have recently consulted a few ink companies.

Hope this helps.


At 07:52 AM 8/8/2002 -0500, you wrote:
Forwarded on behalf of Rusty Harris-Bishop.  Please reply to p2tech@great-lakes.net.

I have a question regarding the color inserts in newspapers (I believe it's a flexographic process). Does anyone know if they still use metal inks in printing these? Does anyone know when they were phased out if they were? I have looked on the print-tech archives, and didnt' see it answered, and posted a question, but it didn't seem to get a response.

Anyone have any suggestions?


Rusty Harris-Bishop




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