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Re: Governors Awards Program

The IL Waste Management and Research Center has sponsored the IL P2 Governor's Awards for 16 years.  Our winners are determined by a panel of both internal and external Technical Assistance Providers that review the applications.  The semi-finalists are determined after a review by IL EPA.  WMRC's TAPs do a site visit to the semi-finalists to make sure that they are in fact doing what they stated in their application.  The final announcement comes from the Governor's Office.

The IL Governor's Awards is presented at a luncheon ceremony.  This year, WMRC is hosting the Awards in Champaign at our main office.  The ceremony festivities include a tour of the newly renovated University of Illinois football facilities, which is also home of the Chicago Bears in 2002.  Of particular interest on the tour is the field made of recycled materials.  We will also be hosting an Open House for the attendees so that they can tour our analytical labs, library and clearinghouse, and pilot lab.

To date, the Governor has attended the event two times.  It is an award program.

For more information on the IL Governor's P2 Awards, visit our web site at http://www.wmrc.uiuc.edu/governorsawards/Default.htm or contact me directly at Jini Cook 217-244-6553 and jcook@wmrc.uiuc.edu .  We also have developed a reference guide that contains information on all of the State Environmental Awards programs available at http://www.wmrc.uiuc.edu/library/libraryinfo/refguides/govsawards.htm


At 11:50 AM 8/9/2002 -0500, you wrote:
Minnesota is looking at ways to streamline its P2 Governor's Award program.  If those states with a program could take a few minutes to answer some questions, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

1.  How long have you had your program?
2. How are award winners determined?
3.  What kind of event (if any) do you have to present the awards?  How often does the governor attend?
4. Is it an award program (only the best of the best) or a recognition program (all companies that meet certain criteria get recognized)?
5.  What is your budget (staff and money)?
6.  Have you made any changes to streamline your program?
David Cera
Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance

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