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Re: EMS in High Schools

jack, haven't heard of high schools, but have heard of colleges.

Kentucky P2 Center, out of the University of KY has an EMS Alliance program, dealing mostly with training/mentoring colleges & universities in EMS. 
Contact Tim Piero at (502) 852-0743 or e-mail at ems@kppc.org. http://www.kppc.org/EMS/index.cfm

Wash State U has a program - has env'l students develop the EMS/P2 plans for different departments.   Contact
Environmental Health & Safety - Dwight Hagihara. Director. (509)
335-3051 hagihara@wsu.edu.
(re: their p2 planning process - see the case study blurb at http://es.epa.gov/program/regional/state/wa/wa-sucx3.html - scroll about 1/3 of the way down)

hopefully helpful!!

Michelle Gaither
Tech Lead, PPRC