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FW: Engineering Foundation to Host"Green Engineering: Defining t he Principles" - Sandestin, Florida May 18-22,2003

P2TECH'ers --

I'm passing along the following news item from ChemAlliance's news page
(www.chemalliance.org/news/index.asp) because I think there are a number of
people on this list who could contribute significantly to this workshop.  

My travel budget (or rather, lack thereof) probably prohibits me from
attending, but I would appreciate a post-conference report from anyone who
attends, so that we can write up a summary for our readers at the
ChemAlliance site.

Scott Butner (scott.butner@pnl.gov) 
Director, ChemAlliance
Senior Research Scientist, Data & Knowledge Engineering Group
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
MSIN K7-28
PO Box 999, Richland, WA  99352
(509)-372-4946 voice/(509)-375-2443 fax

Engineering Foundation to Host "Green Engineering: Defining the Principles"
  Sandestin, Florida May 18-22, 2003
       Contributed by The Engineering Foundation on 8/14/02

         The Engineering Foundation is soliciting abstracts for the first
interdisciplinary conference on
         Green Engineering, to be held in Sandestin, Florida on May 18-22,
2003. The conference is an
         effort to bring together engineers and scientists from multiple
backgrounds to define the
         underlying principles of this emerging field. Green engineering is
the design,
         commercialization, and use of processes and products, which are
feasible and economical
         while minimizing 1) generation of pollution at the source and 2)
risk to human health and the
         environment. The discipline embraces the concept that decisions to
protect human health and
         the environment can have the greatest impact and cost effectiveness
when applied early to the
         design and development phase of a process or product.

         The conference organizers plan to approach Green Engineering as an
interdisciplinary subject,
         spanning all of the traditional engineering specialties. Planned
conference topics include: 

          *  Introduction to the topic of green engineering and discussion
of green engineering goals. 
          *  Life cycle analysis as a tool. 
          *  Minimizing waste, environmental impact, and energy usage 
          *  Product and process design 
          *  Global Issues 
          *  Development of closing document stating principles 
          *  Publications 

         Abstracts are due by October 1, 2002. A book of extended abstracts
will be presented at the
         start of the conference. Throughout the conference, attendees will
develop a set of guiding
         principles that will define the scope of green engineering, leading
to a conference publication in
         the form of a book, a series of articles in refereed journals, or a
single conference publication
         as a special issue in an appropriate journal. Additional
information about the conference, and
         an online abstract submission form, are available at the conference
web site

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