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RE: Governors Awards Program

Title: RE: Governors Awards Program


Washington State's award is called the Governor's Award for Pollution Prevention and Sustainable Practices.  The award is entirely administered out of the WA State Dept of Ecology's Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction Program; however, the award encompasses all of the various environmental media (air, water, solid waste, haz waste, nuclear waste, etc.).

1. The award was started by Lynn Helbrecht in 1992, and the awards have been given every year since, with the exception of 1994.

2. The current award process involves several rounds of initial reviews by staff at the WA State Dept of Ecology to determine the finalists, then a final round of judging is conducted to determine the winners.  The committee of judges in this final round is comprised of P2 and sustainability professionals representing academia, EPA, local hazardous waste mgmt, labor, environmental NGOs, and a few of the previous year's winners - none of whom work for WA State (with the occasional exception of state university faculty).  There is a list of criteria published in the application-brochure that help the applicants, reviewers, and judges determine the goals and standards of the award.

3. The award is presented at a ceremony conducted by the Governor and the Director (or sometimes Deputy Director) of the WA State Dept of Ecology.  The Governor has been in attendance nearly every year.  The winners, their guests, our agency's staff, and the media are invited to attend.  A plaque is given, as are photos taken at the ceremony with the Governor.  We try to schedule the ceremony during P2 Week each year.  This year, it will be on Sept. 18th.  It is always on the Capitol Campus so that we can emphasize its distinction as the Governor's Award.

4.  (I'm not clear on the difference between "award program" vs. "recognition program," but I'll attempt to answer this question...)  If I'm interpreting your question correctly, then I would say that ours is an award program because the award is given to the applicants that emerge as outstanding from amongst all of the applicants .  (There are some non-winners who are excellent but are not given the award.  They get a recognition letter from our Director.  Starting this year, we intend to give them a little more recognition (although not at the ceremony) and to nurture a P2 relationship with them through our Technical Assistance work.)

     Generally, we give the same award to all of the winners.  We have no categories.  Now and then, a Continuing Excellence award is given if the winner won in a recent previous year. 

5. Each year, there is one coordinator for the award program, who officially devotes about .5FTE to the award.  Many other staff contribute to the award program, of course; some of their valuable contributions include: developing criteria & standards that would be reflected in the application-brochure; reviewing applications (often includes research and site visits); marketing; transporting & set-up of the award display boards; and a lot of work setting up the judges' meeting, the ceremony, and administrative tasks throughout the season.  We have only rough estimates of the $$ cost of the program.  Call/email me if you want figures.

6. Yes, the program undergoes constant streamlining and improvement throughout the year.  We incorporate input from staff, the judges, and the applicants to help us improve the program each year.

Please visit our award's web site at http://www.ecy.wa.gov/sustainability/GovAward/gov_awards.htm.  There's a lot of information in there.

Please don't hesitate to contact me, or my colleague Mariann Cook Andrews (our new Award Program Coordinator), if you'd like more information.  (My contact info is below.  Mariann can be reached at maco461@ecy.wa.gov, or at (360) 407-6740.)  Good luck with your P2 Governor's Award Program!  We have been looking at your award program via your web pages and have learned a lot from you.  You have an admirable program!

Regards, -Anch

Anchana Bergeson
Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction
WA State Dept. of Ecology
post: PO Box 47600, Olympia, WA 98504-7600
tel: (360) 407-6609

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Minnesota is looking at ways to streamline its P2 Governor's Award program.  If those states with a program could take a few minutes to answer some questions, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

1.  How long have you had your program?
2. How are award winners determined?
3.  What kind of event (if any) do you have to present the awards?  How often does the governor attend? 4. Is it an award program (only the best of the best) or a recognition program (all companies that meet certain criteria get recognized)? 5.  What is your budget (staff and money)? 6.  Have you made any changes to streamline your program?

David Cera
Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance david.cera@moea.state.mn.us 651-215-0240

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