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Re: Propane recovery

Title: Re: Propane recovery

Since the propane in these used tanks is typically at a lower pressure than the tank into which you will be collecting the propane, you would have to pump it into your collection tanks. You would need an explosion-proof pump and pressure controls so you don't over-pressurize your receiving tank. You probably need to check out the applicable regulations before you set this up.

Possible Option B: Theoretically, you could exhaust it out of the tanks into a carbon bed, then steam the propane out of the carbon bed with low pressure steam, but since propane is so volatile, this is problematic.

Here's another suggestion...probably a better one. When the consumer brings in the partially full container, suggest that they take it back, use all of the propane out of it and then return it empty. These consumers must not understand that once the tank has been filled, the overflow protection device does no additional good. The tanks should be emptied before they are returned and replaced with tanks that have the new overfill protection valves. This is the best pollution prevention-and safety-approach...and solves your problem of what to do with these tanks.


Hello all,
Can anyone lead me to a cost effective method in which we could recover propane from tanks that have been turned in for disposal.  Recently with the new requirement (http://stacks.msnbc.com/news/774864.asp?cp1=1) for all tanks to be equipped with the new overflow protection device (valve), we have been inundated with partially full propane tanks.  We do have a use for the propane, but currently do not have a way to transfer the LPG to serviceable tanks.  Thanks for any assistance you can give.
Kevin Shupe,
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