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Grants for equipment/process cleaning changes

Hi all,
Do you have any resources of available grants or funded projects for a business that would like to eliminate their use of trichlor for cleaning by adopting another cleaning process.  They are willing to be a test facility for a project (such as the DfE projects) if they can obtain assistance for the necessary funds.  He has loan sources, but would like the option of grants or test projects to minimize his costs.  Currently, he cannot afford the change over.  The facility cleans various surfaces (aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass) in preparation for painting and are searching for an alternative to trichlor that will not affect paint adherance.  Any grants or current funded projects you know exist would be greatly appreciated.  If I receive several responses, I will provide the information to all of you.
Thank you,
Tammy L. Allen
Senior Environmental Specialist
Pinellas County Environmental Management
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Clearwater, FL  33763
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