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Recycling Resources on CD ROM

Forwarded on behalf of Mr. Hamner. Please do not reply to this message. Please reply to p2tech@great-lakes.net.

This is a really great resource that I have reviewed in detail, it includes
guidance on developing recycling markets, profiles of recycling technologies
including the vendors, and more.  The Clean Washington Center is in Seattle,
whose Public Utilities has one of the world's most aggressive and
progressive recycling programs, the city recycles about 50% (!!) of its
solid waste and thereby has avoided huge expenses in waste disposal costs
and infrastructure. see

Burton Hamner
www.cleanerproduction.com and
Seattle resident who recycles about 80% of volume of his household waste
with help from the City.

> Subject:Clean Washington Center publications are now available on CD.
> Clean Washington Center (CWC) has produced over 80 different technical
> reports, "how-to" manuals, and other tools needed to effectively implement
> recycled material collection & handling, processing, and recycled-content
> manufacturing. CWC has worked with experts in the field to develop and
> publish proven best practices for recycling of plastics, glass, wood
> and scrap tires and rubber. The Best Practices are complete compendiums
> information related to collection, handling, and end-use applications.
> Further information my be obtained at the CWC website.
> http://www.cwc.org/