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Fwd: [GreenYes] Earth Summit Global Forum on Track for Zero Waste

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>From: "Monica Wilson" <mwilson@essential.org>
>Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 16:46:21 -0700
>Earth Summit Global Forum on Track for Zero Waste
>Contact:  Muna Lakhani, Earthlife Africa, Johannesburg, (mobile)
>+27-834-717276, muna@iafrica.com
>Monica Wilson, GAIA, USA, (office) +1-510-524-4000 x104,
>         mwilson@essential.org
>Gary Liss, Zero Waste consultant, USA, (office) 
>+1-916-652-7850,        gary@garyliss.com
>Johannesburg, South Africa, 1 September 2002 -- The Zero Waste Team at the 
>Earth Summit congratulates the Global Forum for maintaining an average 
>recycling rate of 72% during the first 4 days of the Summit. While the 
>overall Earth Summit is reporting recycling rates of only around 20%, 
>there is wide variety of recycling rates at the numerous venues.  The 
>Global Forum is reporting the highest waste diversion rates of all Earth 
>Summit venues.
>Although the entire Earth Summit agreed on the principles of Zero Waste, 
>the Global Forum is the only location that is being directly supervised by 
>Zero Waste Team members from Earthlife Africa to organize and implement 
>the necessary waste reduction systems.
>The significantly better waste reduction at the Global Forum is due to 
>three key differences:
>1.      Designed More Waste Out of the System - The Global Forum site has 
>restricted the use of most plastics (particularly PVC plastic), while 
>other Earth Summit sites have only restricted polystyrene.
>2.      Diverted Organic Waste - The Global Forum site is diverting 
>discarded food and other organic materials while other Earth Summit venues 
>have not. Organics are a vital part of reducing waste, making up at a 
>minimum 30% of the waste stream. Other Earth Summit sites are sending 
>organics to landfills.
>3.      Invested in Education and Outreach  The Global Forum is actively
>promoting the message of Zero Waste with a wide variety of promotional
>tools.  Posters and notices around the Global Forum site inform delegates 
>how to segregate their discards into different bins and what materials are 
>recyclable.  Television monitors throughout the Global Forum remind people 
>every 30 minutes to recycle and join in the Zero Waste effort.  Bicyclists 
>collecting materials from the recycling bins graphically engage the 
>attendees in seeing an innovative recycling program at work.  And special 
>events and concerts have included the Zero Waste message. This outreach is 
>crucial because delegates come from many different backgrounds and have 
>had very different experiences dealing with waste and recycling.
>"At the Earth Summit Global Forum we are demonstrating that nearing Zero 
>Waste is possible," said Muna Lakhani, coordinator of the Zero Waste Earth 
>Summit team for Earthlife Africa in Johannesburg.  "We are  disappointed 
>to see other Earth Summit sites are not meeting their waste reduction 
>goals, but we hope our example inspires others around the world to 
>implement Zero Waste programs when they return home."
>The Global Forum is the largest component of the World Summit on 
>Sustainable Development, also called the Earth Summit; up to 30,000 
>delegates are now attending the Global Forum daily.  The Global Forum is 
>located at the Johannesburg Expo Centre (NASREC).  Interested media 
>representatives are encouraged to visit NASREC.
>The Zero Waste Team is a combined effort of nonprofits Earthlife Africa 
>and GAIA working together with UN and South African Summit organizers to 
>organize the Earth Summit as a Zero Waste event. Earthlife Africa is a
>volunteer driven South African organization that has been active on
>environmental and social issues since 1988. GAIA is an international
>alliance working on waste reduction, with over 265 members in more than 55 
>countries.  For more information, photographs of the bicycle collection
>systems and colorful recycling drop-off bins, updates, as well as articles
>about the waste problems following the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de 
>Janeiro, please see www.no-burn.org and www.earthlife.co.za
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Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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