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Pollution Prevention for Engineering Curricula

Dear P2tech program and consultants,

Our program has created a database of homework problems to support P2 
topics in various engineering curricula.  It is available on CD, and by 
following a simple outreach strategy we have gotten over 60 into the hands 
of faculty in our state in one month.  We would like ot now offer the CD to 
you, either singularly for $30 or $150 for 100.

Here is how you get the word out to faculty:

         1. Scrounge email addresses from university and colleges websites 
of any engineering faculty.  (Problems cover 9 engineering disciplines)

         2.  Mail out this or your own version of the introductory letter 

         3.  Optional: Follow up 3 weeks later with a duplicate message

We are planning to foster networking among these faculty.  What do you think?

Janet Clark

“Pollution Prevention for Engineering Curricula: Homework Problems to
Complement Traditional Coursework" is a resource on cd for engineering
faculty developed by the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute, in
collaboration with the Pollution Prevention Consortium of New England 

Written by engineering professors from four New England universities, these
problems illustrate pollution prevention concepts including
•               reduction of toxic chemical usage,
•               material recovery and reuse,
•               energy efficiency,
•               cost savings due to increased process efficiency
         ...and many more.

Over ninety problems, of varying length and difficulty, cover topics in the 
nine subjects: material and energy balances, heat transfer, thermodynamics,
fluid mechanics, kinetics and reactor design, water and wastewater, process
control, general engineering, and engineering economics. These problems can be
easily incorporated into existing engineering coursework and are intended to
enhance the students’ abilities to meet the ever increasing efficiency and 
savings needs of today''s manufacturers.

We hope this CD ROM will be useful for you.  If you are in Massachusetts, 
it is
FREE. Otherwise, the cost is $30.00.  To receive a copy, please reply to this
message with your name, title, university, department, and mailing address.

Please also visit our "Faculty Resources" website at

Or for more information, contact me.

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