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ZERI next Certification Training - Applications Due 10/15

Apologies for Cross-Postings

ZERI is a worldwide network of successfully implemented hands-on Zero Waste 
projects. It is based in systems thinking; views waste as resource; and 
allows companies and communities to utilize core design principles in both 
the turning of corporate hidden assets into revenue streams and value-added 
businesses and in helping local communities to develop food stocks for 
consumption and economic development.

Given the growing demand in North America for ZERI projects, the ZERI 
Certification Training is designed to provide a pool of highly motivated 
individuals who have a deep interest in implementing ZERI projects, in 
assisting companies and communities and in advancing their own careers.

Taught by ZERI's founder - Gunter Pauli - the 12-day training is divided 
into three 4-day modules: December 11-14, 2002; March 5-8, 2003; and June 
18-21, 2003, all in Santa Fe, NM.  Module #1 focuses primarily on the 
definition of systems and the application of systems thinking; module #2 
focuses on very specific economic, biological and technological tools that 
are necessary for implementing systems-based ZERI projects; and module #3 
focuses on the critically-important management strategies for successfully 
implementing ZERI projects, as well as the final certification process itself.

Overall, the 12-day ZERI Certification Training - and its associated 
homework between modules - is a concentrated and rigorous program that 
optimizes learning, interaction and participation.

Applicants should be mature individuals with a serious interest in 
furthering their own communities, businesses, careers and/or ZERI. 
Applicants should have a genuine desire to help people; to alleviate 
poverty; to work with existing conditions and entrenched organizations; 
and, most generally, to improve substantially the environmental, social, 
scientific and economic standards that affect quality of life. Completion 
of a ZERI public program is helpful, but is not a requirement for the ZERI 
Certification Training.
Participation is limited to approximately 25 people.

Applicants should complete and return the Training application 
electronically no later than Tuesday, October 15, 2002. To receive the ZERI 
Certification Training Overview and Application document, please go to 
www.zeri.org or email Harvey Stone - the Training Coordinator - at 

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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