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RE: Recicling car was waste water

Buenos dias, Cesar.
We maintain a library of articles on the subject you are interested in. Open the web site below my name and open the P2Infohouse database. Searching for truck and wash gives you two articles. Searching for car and wash gives you 72 articles. You can also select Industrial Sector from our web site and then select Auto Repair and Fleet Maintenance. Many of the articles can be read or downloaded. I can mail you any that are not on line. Espero ayudarle.

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Check out DPPEA marketplace for waste material: www.ncwastetrader.org

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Subject: Recicling car was waste water

Dear Friends,
I have recieved a request from a truck wash workshop. They want to recicle the waste water used for washing trucks coming from the fields. Does any one has information about that?
CÚsar Barahona
Cleaner Production Center