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Re: How is mercury added to these products?

Title: Re: How is mercury added to these products?
Hg historically has been added to materials as a fungicide or antimicrobial, however, non-Hg antimicrobial additives are now starting to be used in paint and other building surfaces, for example instead of Hg.  (Potential future bacterial resistance issues?)  . . .

See also:

San Francisco Medicine Journal Of The San Francisco Medical Society, Mercury in Healthcare Facilities: Where It Is and How To Get Rid Of It, p19-21,Volume 74, Number3, 3/2001

The article includes a list of products which include mercury.

Hope this helps.

And can you email back to the list what you find, either as an email, PDF or website address?  Thanks, Stephanie
On 9/19/02 5:52 PM, "Gaithermj@aol.com" <Gaithermj@aol.com> wrote:

> hello all.
> i am compiling a rather exhaustive list of products and processes that
> involve or contain mercury.  there are a few products that are listed in
> various references, but i can't find how/why the mercury is added or becomes
> a contaminant.  
> NO LENGTHY DETAILS necessary, but any input on the following items would be
> greatly appreciated.
> - bronzing
> - printing ink
> - vinyl chloride resin
> - composites (i assume from the resins)
> - paper coating (aside from mildewicide on wallboard)
> - textile printing
> - primary copper smelting and copper foil production
> - adhesives/sealants
> - glass
> - finger print powder
> - ion engines
> - slip ring in packaging production equipment
> Thanks so much.  
> Michelle Gaither
> Tech Lead, PPRC
> www.pprc.org
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