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industry clusters, LCA, EPP, SSCM etc

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Those people interested in life cycle analysis, green purchasing, product
stewardship etc might find this information interesting:

In his book The Competitive Advantage of Nations, Michael Porter of Harvard
introduced - or rather popularized - the concept of industry clusters, which
are groups of industries in the value chain of production.  Such clusters
can be managed to enhance economic development in a strategic fashion.
Industry cluster analysis has apparently become the sexy thing in economic
development strategy and is now widely used by states, nations and
international organizations.  The OECD among others is making it a major
strategy for national economic development.

The connections to LCA, EPP, sustainable supply chain management and product
stewardship are quite striking.  They all share the notion of managing
products from cradle to grave (or as a pal from Dow Asia once called it,
Lust to Dust - wish I thought of that).  Industry cluster analysis provides
a powerful economic paradigm for increasing value, and LCA and product
stewardship provide the tools for doing so in a sustainable fashion.

Since a recent question brought it up I did a little digging and found a few
fine resources on Industry Clustering.

The World Bank has a good intro at

A Governorīs Guide to Clustering is avail from
it is simple to read, which is necessary for politicians...

An entire online book is available from

Understanding industry cluster analysis seems to be a good foundation for
engaging economic development people in discussions about cleaner production
adn pollution prevention in life cycle management.  Happy reading!

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