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Industrial P2 Specialist Position Announcement

Please post this announcement.

Thank you!

Nancy J. Larson, RS
Industrial Pollution Prevention Specialist
KSU Pollution Prevention Institute
7001 West 21st Street North
Wichita, KS 67205
316/722-7721 ext.254

Position Announcement

Position:	Industrial Pollution Prevention Specialist, Pollution Prevention

Location:	Pollution Prevention Institute (PPI)
	Engineering Extension Programs
	Kansas State University
	Manhattan, KS  66506-2508

Appointment:	One full-time position (1.0 F.T.E.) is available and is subject
to the continuing availability of funds through renewal of annual contracts
with state and federal agencies.

Starting Date:	November 1, 2002 preferred.

Responsibilities:		PPI administers the Kansas Small Business Environmental
Assistance Program, which provides environmental technical assistance to
businesses in Kansas.   Specialist will conduct environmental compliance and
on-site pollution prevention opportunity assessments, develop and present
workshops and training seminars, provide individual assistance by telephone
and written correspondence, research regulatory and pollution prevention
issues, and write publications.   Other duties include writing proposals for
continual funding; participate in networking opportunities with other
assistance providers locally and nationally; and promote PPI, the Kansas
Small Business Environmental Assistance Program, and other programs to
appropriate audiences and stakeholders.

Qualifications:	B.S./M.S. in an engineering, technical, or science-related
discipline.  Demonstrated written and oral communication skills; computer
skills should include expertise with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and use of
the Internet.   Prefer M.S. in the above disciplines with a one-year minimum
experience in an industrial environmental area and demonstrated grant
writing ability.

Salary:	Commensurate with qualifications and experience.

How to Apply:	Submit a cover letter; a resume; examples of applicant's
writing; three references familiar with your professional training and/or
experience including their name, current business address, and daytime phone
number.  Send to:

	Dr. Hamdy El-Rayes
		Engineering Extension Programs
	133 Ward Hall
		Manhattan, KS  66506-2508

Application Deadline:	Applications screening will start on October 15, 2002
and will continue until position is filled.

Kansas State University is Equal Opportunity Employer

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