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HI P2tech,

Your work in communities may be impacted by this.  I am forwarding this
from another list -- the citation is below.

Janet Clark
In the name of keeping sensitive information out of the hands of
terrorists, the Bush administration has restricted access to a broad
range of scientific research -- removing Internet links, deleting
information from websites, and even requiring federal librarians to
destroy a CD-ROM about public water supplies. The information
lockdown is making it tough for scientists to get their work done and
for the public to keep an eye on government goings-on; for example,
researchers at the University of Michigan lost access to a U.S. EPA
database that was crucial to their three-year study of
hazardous-waste facilities. Environmental organizations are dismayed
by the limited, expensive, or nonexistent access -- as are the
National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and
National Institute of Medicine. The heads of the three independent
academies sent a letter to President Bush Friday criticizing his
administration's creation of an ill-defined category of "sensitive
but unclassified" research that has been used to withdraw thousands
of reports and papers from the public eye.

From: Jeff Howard
To: envtecsoc@csf.colorado.edu
Sent: Monday, October 21, 2002 7:50 PM
Subject: restricted access to sci research

CNN.com, Associated Press, 15 Oct 2002

New York Times, William J. Broad, 19 Oct 2002

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