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Seeking Publications related to P2/Compliance Assistance in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, and related Process Industry Sect ors


- Has your Pollution Prevention program produced a fact sheet, checklist,
notebook or other hard-copy guide aimed at the process industries?

- Do you have P2 software, CDROM tools, or other goodies that people in the
chemical manufacturing industry would find useful?

- Are you simply looking to get rid of some surplus inventory of hard-copy

Well, ChemAlliance* may be able to help.   We plan to exhibit at several
venues over the next 12 months, including chemical industry trade shows, as
well as P2/Compliance assistance events such as the upcoming Compliance
Assistance Provider's Forum in San Antonio, TX and the National P2
Roundtable spring meeting in Louisville, KY.  As usual, our exhibit will be
geared towards environmental managers in the process industries, and the
people who support them (consultants, NGO and public sector technical
assistance providers, etc).  We are trying to develop an inventory of
brochures, pamphlets, CD products, and other "give-aways" which we can
distribute from our exhibit.  

Rather than re-invent the wheel yet again, we'd would be happy to serve as a
distribution point for materials developed by your program.  Programs which
provide us with materials will gain additional exposure to industrial users
as well as other technical assistance providers, through this on-site
distribution and affiliation with ChemAlliance. 

If you're interested in participating, please drop me a line prior to
sending any materials, so that we can make sure they are appropriate to our

Thanks in advance, 

* In case you're not familiar with us, ChemAlliance (www.chemalliance.org)
is a free compliance assistance and pollution prevention resource developed
to help environmental managers in the Chemical Industry better understand
and comply with environmental regulations.  We work major chemical industry
trade associations, the US EPA, and other partners to provide up to date
compliance and P2 information.  ChemAlliance is operated by Pacific NW
National Laboratory with support from Michigan Technological University,
under a cooperative agreement with the US EPA Office of Enforcement and
Compliance Assurance. 

Scott Butner (scott.butner@pnl.gov) 
Senior Research Scientist, Data & Knowledge Engineering Group
Director, ChemAlliance
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
MSIN K7-28
PO Box 999, Richland, WA  99352
(509)-372-4946 voice/(509)-375-2443 fax
ChemAlliance: http://www.chemalliance.org/

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