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RE: E2 Training for NPPR

I have been working on a CD ROM collectoin of the best publicatins in P2 and
Cleaner Production.  One of the sectoins is on water and energy efficiency.
There is so much on E2 it is quite difficult to wade thru it.  But I have
found some very good reference manuals and even some good training software,
all of which are available on line.  Hope this helps as a starter for your
library references.  All of these are included on the CDROM I am going to
make available in January, along with over 150 other key publications.

--Burt Hamner

Water and Energy Conservation

Text copyright 2002, Hamner and Associates LLC / www.cleanerproduction.com

Every organization uses water and energy.  These are important issues for
environ-mental management and sustainable performance.  Because they are
common to all organizations, this collection of documents is provided to
help reduce water and energy use.

Water Conservation

Water Efficiency Manual for Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional
North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources.  1998.  129
Describes reasons for water conservation, solutions for typical uses such as
toilets, cooling, etc., auditing procedures, and industry-specific
information for food processing, textiles and metal finishing.
Water Efficiency Manual.pdf

Facility Managerís Guide to Water Management
Arizona Municipal Water Users Association.  1999.  83 pages.
Good technical manual with many worksheets and tables of data for
calculating water efficiency measures.  Also includes management practices
and additional resources information.
Water Mgmt Guide.pdf

Water Audit Procedure for Large Water Customers
Unknown.  199?.  13 pages.
Collection of worksheets and calculations for measuring water use to
identify savings potential.
Water Audit for Large Customers.pdf

Connecting The Drops
Global Environmental Management Initiative.  2002. 52 pages
This new tool and website (www.gemi.org/water) is designed to help
businesses build a well-tailored water strategy that fits the businessí
needs and circumstances.  Case studies highlight ways that companies can
create business value by pursuing the sustainable management of water
resources. The tool enables organizations to better understand their
relationship to water throughout the value chain, identify opportunities and
risks, assess the business case for action, and develop and implement
continual improvement-based water strategies.

Energy Conservation

Putting Energy Into Profits -ENERGY STAR Small Business Guide
US Environmental Protection Agency.  2000.  94 pages
Comprehensive, relatively technical and very readable guide with many
EPA  Energy Efficiency for small Business.pdf

Self Assessment Workbook for Small Manufacturers
State University of New Jersey.  1998.  83 pages.
Shows the owner of a small manufacturing operation how to perform a self
assessment to iden-tify and calculate energy savings, waste reduction
opportunities, and production.  Excellent tech-nical resource.
Self Assmt Workbook for Small Mftrs.pdf

Guide to Industrial Assessments for Pollution Prevention and Energy
U.S. Envi-ronmental Protection Agency.  2001.  486 pages.
Highly technical manual for reducing pollution by improving energy
efficiency.  Includes exten-sive calculations and formulas.  Possibly the
most advanced manual of its kind.
EPA P2-E2 Assmnt Manual.pdf

Whole House Retrofit Techniques
Energy, Mines and Resources Canada. 1987.  148
Highly detailed and technical manual for retrofitting homes for energy
House retrofit EE guide.pdf

Benchmarking and Best Practices Guide for College Facility Managers
Natural Resources Canada.  2000.  28 pages.
Relatively brief but comprehensive guide that includes procedures for
benchmarking energy use against similar institutions and some data for
colleges.  Also applicable for most larger institu-tions.
Energy Efficiency for Colleges.pdf

Energy Audit Software Directory
Natural Resources Canada.  1997.  133 pages
Information about more than 100 energy audit software programs.
Energy Audit Software Directory.pdf

Residential Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality Computer Program
US Environmental Protection Agency.
Software program that provides training and information about saving energy
at home.  Includes calculations for energy efficiency.
E2 Home software.exe

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