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RE: Mercury Videos and Alligator droppings!! PLEASE DELETE the "first" version of this request immediately and read this one.

Would this wastewater be usable as fertilizer without further treatment?  Both ammonia and, to a lesser degree, phosphorus are components of fertilizer and are widely used.  

Another thought might be a facility that could recover the ammonia prior to treatment for use as a raw material.  I know ammonia is used in the fertilizer industry and depending on recovery purity it might be usable as a raw material for them.    

Hope this helps.

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Unique combination hey?

	Just a note to advise that as of today, I will have sent out all of
the free Mercury videos requested by members of this list service. If you do
not receive your video by December 18th, contact me via email and I will
check my list. Will send another if necessary.
	Also I have a unique problem for the more creative among us.  A
question on how to clean up alligator poop! (smile)
	Here's the "scoop" ( stop!!!) 
	We have a client facility that raises 3000-4000 alligators a year for
hides and meat.  The growth pens are washed out several times a week
resulting in slugs of highly concentrated wastewater.  The treatment plant
does a fair job on reduction of BOD and TSS.  The facility discharges to
surface waters in a nearby ranch canal. The discharge has 300 BOD, 300
Ammonia and 60 total Phosphorus.  We evaluated the discharge and gave them a
2.0 Ammonia and 5 BOD limit, which they say they cannot meet. We want the
discharge to meet Class III surface water quality standards (Rule 62-302.530
	All (serious or amusing) suggestions will be greatly appreciated. The
best responses will be shared with all.
	Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays everyone.
	Deborah MacCormac
	FDEP- Orlando
	P2 / Special Projects



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