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RE:"Zoo Doo" and alligators

In response to a current thread on the topic of alligator poop, John
Calcagni (John_Calcagni@p2pays.org) suggested

> Have they consider composting the poop and selling it as exotic
fertilizer/mulch rather than running it into a 
> treatment plant?  It will sure keep dogs away from your favorite plants.
The NC Zoo sells Zoo Doo and the Victoria 
> Zoo sells Zoo Gro. Alligator poop seems to be sufficiently exotic.  Sounds
like an interesting gift shop item.  Never 
> underestimate what the American public will buy. I've attached a couple of
> http://www.p2pays.org/ref/22/21632.pdf 
> http://www.p2pays.org/ref/12/11509.pdf

I'll note that the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle also has had a longstanding
program of selling "zoo doo" to the public, and it has been very successful
for them -- they claim $60,000/year savings from the program, and cover the
cost of the program with revenues from compost sales.  They've documented
the program at:  http://zoo.org/zoo_info/special/zoodoo.htm and even
maintain a "Zoo Doo Poopline" for those who prefer to talk about poop,
rather than read about it.

However, I will note that they are careful to point out that they are
composting only manures from herbivores, and few alligators I know have gone
to a Vegetarian diet.  There may be examples of composting manure from
carnivorous animals, but I've been under the impression that this is
generally not recommended -- so one would want to be careful of what they
are stepping into, so to speak....

If someone more knowledgeable about composting can provide information on
successful (read: hygenic) composting of wastes from omnivores, please let
me know.  With three dogs and two ferrets at home, I'd be very interested in
any suggestions you might have.


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