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EPA P2 reinvigoratation effort

Forwarded from NEWMOA.  Could this be 
a holiday gift perhaps for the P2 community?!

Please excuse any cross postings.

Some interesting end of year news!


Date: December 20, 2002 -

EPA and the White House are launching an effort to revitalize and
integrate their pollution prevention (P2) programs by convening a
meeting of key offices with
responsibility for P2, according to EPA officials. The meeting
represents the first time these programs have convened during the Bush
administration to coordinate their P2 policies, sources say.

John Howard, the White House's federal environmental executive, the
Office of Solid Waste & Emergency Response (OSWER) and the Office of
Prevention & Toxic Substances (OPPTS) are meeting this week to discuss
ways of combining their "disparate P2 efforts [into a] single coherent
strategy," one top EPA official says.

Among the programs under consideration is OSWER's effort to encourage
recycling, known as its Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA)
challenge. The RCRA challenge seeks to increase the national recycling
rate to 35 percent by 2005 and reduce by 50 percent the generation of 30
priority chemicals in hazardous waste by 2005.

The federal environmental executive was created under a 1993 executive
order, and assists federal agencies in continually improving their
environmental stewardship by encouraging them to recycle and buy
environmentally friendly products. This summer, the Bush administration
announced it would expand the Office of the Federal Environmental
Executive's role by encouraging the creation of sustainable buildings,
the better handling of waste electronics, the awarding of strategic
grants so communities can attract eco-friendly companies, and the
implementation of environmental management systems.

And OPPTS, meanwhile, spearheads programs such as the Design for the
Environment program, which includes efforts to encourage environmentally
friendly dry cleaning.

Thomas D'avanzo
Manager, Assistance and Pollution Prevention Office
US EPA New England
One Congress Street, Suite 1100 (SPP)
Boston, MA  02114-2023

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