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RE: Industry environmental initiative waning

Tom, you can find four different pollution prevention planning and program 
implementation approaches in the new US EPA publication, "An Organizational 
Guide to Pollution Prevention."  You can order the P2 Guide on the EPA web 
site at <http://www.epa.gov/ttbnrmrl>

You can also attend one of the trainings that Emma Lou George has 
arranged.  We have already been to five of the regions.  We will be coming 
to Texas real soon!  The upcoming training locations and dates are posted 
on the same web page.  Both Cam and I have found that these approaches 
provided in this P2 Guide work even when they are not required by state 
government.  If there are requirements, it would be best that they are 
properly enforced.  Active enforcement of existing environmental 
regulations is an important factor as many of you have already pointed 
out.  The Air Force is using a program called "Compliance Through Pollution 
Prevention."  Their manual is on the CD-ROM that comes with the EPA P2 
Guide.  It shows how they convert their compliance site inventory to work 
steps in their PROCESSES.  The processes are then changed using the Systems 
Approach (Chapter 4 of the EPA P2 Guide) to avoid the very need for 
compliance.  I do not think we need to get this on TV for companies to get 
interested in P2 as a way to keep those regulators from visiting them.  So 
Tom, please make sure you do not share this information with that other 
team that uses the purely voluntary outreach... the "competition" might get 
out of hand!  Wouldn't this be great?!

BOB Pojasek

>I am not a regulator, but I play one on TV.

>I run a program where we require P2 planning, but don't require companies 
>to implement the projects.  I work with closely with another team that 
>does purely voluntary outreach.  We have a friendly competition and are 
>constantly comparing notes to help each other out.
>In My Humble Opinion: Requiring P2 planning is a good way to get P2 on the 
>minds of facilities, but if you push it too hard it becomes a paperwok 
>exercise.  A strong regulatory environment pushes P2, but P2 can thrive 
>under any conditions because it is the best way to deal with 
>pollution.  Because it is the best alternative it will always win out in 
>the long run.


Dr. Robert B. Pojasek
Pojasek & Associates
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