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A great " P2" idea that all offices can set up.

January 6th, 2003 - Note from Tami Grandy of Florida Department of
Environmental Protection - Orlando office. 

Good Afternoon All:
I spoke of a new concept for the New Year with our District Director Vivian
Garfein and we would like to implement it immediately.  We all travel and
stay at hotels/motels for business or pleasure, but most times we take our
own beauty/"toiletry' products and leave the "free stuff" behind.  Or we
receive samples of items in the mail or magazines that we discard or don't
intend to use.     

We would like you to collect the "free stuff" for us and bring into the
office where we will have a basket set up in my office beginning Tuesday,
January 7.  Items such as shampoo, conditioner, soaps, perfume samples,
toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, or anything of the sort.  Also, small toys
from fast food restaurants that are included in kid's meals that you don't
want or won't use for your own children.  And small baskets or containers
would also be a bonus! 

Each time we have a significant amount collected, these items will be
delivered to local battered women's shelters in small decorative baskets to
be distributed to women and children, who for some, will be a much needed and
appreciated gesture of kindness.  We appreciate your support and hope to
touch many lives through this New Year!

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