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NPPR spring conference agenda

For the P2 Community--
Please find attached the latest draft agenda for the spring NPPR
conference.  Please keep in mind that this is a draft agenda. The website
will be updated with this information within the next day or two. With a
conference of this size,  with such a wide array of topics with numerous
speakers, it is a major task to keep it  updated.  We will do our best and
update as frequently as possible.   Registration forms as well as hotel
information are available online at www.p2.org/events

 I hope to see many of you at this conference.  The Louisville planning
committee has done an outstanding job putting together a stellar program. 
We are totally indebted to them for all of their hard work.  From the
interesting site visits to some wonderful outside events, such as. a P2 fun
walk and a special cruise around Louisville, the planning committee has
really gone all out!  If you have any questions about the conference please
send them to staff@p2.org.  
I hope everyone in the NPPR community is enjoying a great P2 start to 2003!
Natalie Roy