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Hot off the Press - free Mercury Brochures

P2 TechNet Friends. 
The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has a brand new Mercury
Information Brochure - FREE for the asking.  If you need a mercury brochure,
this can save your precious time and money.  This excellent brochure contains
5 specific topic inserts with proper disposal instructions for: 
1. Mercury Thermometers, 
2. Mercury Containing Thermostats, 
3. Fluorescent and High Intensity Discharge Lamps, 
4. Mercury Switches and Relays, 
5. Mercury -Containing Thermostat Probes. 
Brochures are designed for easy application of stick-on labels, allowing you
to reference your own resources.  
A pack of 20 brochures weighs 1 pound 11.7 oz.   We will send up to 4 packs
(approx. 7 lbs.) per request. Please send a self-addressed envelop with
postage affixed, depending on the weight and # of packages to: 
Deborah MacCormac 
Florida Department of Environmental Protection 
3319 Maguire Blvd. Suite 232 
Orlando, FL 32803 
(Print used in this message is not indicative of the standard print in the
Kindest Regards 
Deborah MacCormac 
FDEP - Orlando 
P2 / Special Projects
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