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Regarding Universal Format for P2 Success Stories

Just to advise I received some excellent responses to my request for the
above. Two of note described below, fit my requirements very well.
One from Laura Estes -Montana State University Extension Service referencing
the Colorado Interagency Environmental Network's website
http://peakstoprairies.org/pdf_Files/p2compendium.pdf/. An excellent
compilation. Starts out with instructions which may seem a bit onerous, but
if you go to the actual success stories you can see how the format works very
well. This may be my choice.
The other I received from Raul Gonzalez from the Western Regional Pollution
Prevention Network, referencing http://p2.utep.edu/success/index.cfm. This
format is short sweet and documents some 436 success stories. Definitely a
well tested format. This "Region 6 Success Stories Database" on the Southwest
Pollution Prevention website is very flexible and interactive. Very strong
Definitely great and very useful material.  No reinventing the wheel for me!!
Thanks again to all and P2 Tech. 
Kindest Regards
Deborah MacCormac
FDEP - Orlando 
P2 / Special Projects

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