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RE: Lab Readings in ug/L vs ppb

These assumptions generally work at the low concentrations that are usually expressed as ppm & ppb.  Even considering the density of, say, lead, 400 ppm = 400 mg/l close enough.  For higher concentrations, to be accurate one would have to consider molecular weight considerations.
At 1 ug/l of TCE, without doing the calcs I expect there would be a difference if you needed to know if it was 1.00010 ppb or 1.00015.  Which is not usually the case.
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One is mass to volume the other is volume to volume
1ug/liter = 1ppb is approximately accurate assuming the material has the same density as water and you are at standard conditions.
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Subject: Lab Readings in ug/L vs ppb

Can someone tell me how these lab testing results translate into parts per billion (ppb)?
Thanks for your help.
Donald Sutherland
Eastern Range Detected Average
 2001 ND-1.45 ug/L 0.47 ug/L
2001 ND-1.56 ug/L 0.64 ug/L
2001 ND-2.38 ug/L 0.94 ug/L