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RE: Future of NPPR

While we are waiting for a chat stream to commence on the subject of the
future of NPPR, can we consider some discussion about offering access our
wonderful resources to the global community through the United Nations
Environmental Program? 
We at FDEP -Orlando have offered our free Mercury Video and copies of our
Mercury Brochure to the UN and the 130 countries which form part of its
Council on Mercury Awareness. The UN has responded positively on this and it
is moving forward. I expect there are other excellent resources out there
that we could offer to the planet through the auspices of NPPR. Comments??
Deborah MacCormac

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Subject: Future of NPPR

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Dear NPPR Members and Friends!

As many of you know, Natalie Roy has recently accepted the Deputy Director
position at the Environmental Council of the States (ECOS).  And as many
of you know, Natlie is an extraordinary person that has given so much to
the P2 community over the years, that we will miss her talents and

We are proud of Natalie' efforts and overall, this move should be positive
for both Natalie and the Roundtable. Nat will still be able to advocate
for P2 and the NPPR will move forward by drawing on the strength of the
organization - its members and peers.

Natalie's departure undoubtedly raises questions in your mind:

1) What about the future of NPPR?

In every time of intense and challenging change there are opportunities
for growth and transformation.  During the next few months, The Board will
be engaging in some interesting discussions about the direction and
organizational evolution of the Roundtable and how that translates into an
optimal organization arrangement.

The board will be considering a variety of scenarios and I would appreciate
  hearing your ideas and thoughts.   To engage in this discussion, we are 
going to use our state of the art
interactive web-based forum.   Click on the following link and share your


or call me at 512-239-3145.

2) In the meantime, who is minding the store?

We have three hard-working associates working in the office in DC:
Manisha;  Renuka and Megan.

They are helping with clerical support for the conference, continuing
program and office activities, and the update of the Legislative Compendium

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