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P2 and Government Accounting

The Wall Street Journal today has a story "Keeping the Country Safe, One Budget at a Time" by Dov S. Zakheim, Undersecretary of U.S. Department of Defense.
In it he states:
"For years the department has been unable to produce qualified audit opinions, much less ""clean" ones.  Year after year, the department's inspector general, who audits its financial statements, could only issue a "disclaimer", to say that he had no way to assess whether Defense had fully accounted for all its assets and liabilities."
Technically, isn't it impossible to do a cost benefit analysis of any P2 programs in a government agency such as DOD without full transparency of financial audits of assets and liabilities to stakeholders using codified comparable government enforced federal accounting standards?
And technically isn't the DOD in violation of the 1990 Chief Financial Officers Act, OMB circular A-134, and Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB) accounting standards mandating full accounting of assets and liabilities under Congressionally mandated accounting standards SFFAS No.5 (liabilities) and SFFAS No.6 (Plant, Property, and Equipment)?
Do you know of any P2 program in a federal agency/department providing financial transparency of assets and liabilities under these mandates?
Best Wishes,
Donald Sutherland
Member of the Society of Environmental Journalists