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Cleaning Solvent Alternative(s) for Airplane Engines

Hello, P2ers,

A client of mine needs some help. I'm betting that several of you 
have some knowledge that might be of value to him.

My client works for a company that makes engines for single engine 
prop planes that are sold for commercial and pleasure use. When they 
do touch up painting at the end of the manufacturing process and also 
when they do minor maintenance on the engines, (while still mounted 
in the airplanes), my client has had a long-standing practice of 
cleaning oil and grease from the components by spraying Varsol, a 
brand of mineral spirits, on the engines. They are now being required 
to phase out this practice to avoid creating the air emissions caused 
by atomizing the mineral spirit.

Since there are many components in an airplane engine that might 
fail, causing catastrophic failure of the engine and plane, the 
company is very rigid in its manufacturing practices-and consequently 
reluctant to make changes in their processes. They are part of a 
rather small industry. Consequently, they have little chance to 
benchmark their practices with others. They don't like to be pioneers.

Thus, I need help in finding examples-and points of contact in other 
industries-that have successfully switched from sprayed on mineral 
spirits to other types of cleaning agents (including aqueous) for 
metallic applications. It would be ideal if several of you can 
recommend specific products for this application and provide contact 
information to your clients who have successfully switched from 
mineral spirits to the alternative product.

I appreciate any and all recommendations.


Warren Weaver
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