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RE: Seeking Freon/Refrigerant Management "How To's" forApartment Managers

Title: Seeking Freon/Refrigerant Management "How To's" for Apartment Managers
Hi Scott,
I would suggest you check out the South Coast Air Quality Management District website for rule info on Freon handling and recycling.  The USEPA also prepared numerous factshhets and reports back in the mid-90's.  I also believe that all refrigeration technicians must be certified.  Hence, property managers and maintenance supervisors are likely breaking the law if they work on refrigeration equipment without certification.  The same goes if they hire a contractor without the proper certifications or if they use uncertified equipment.  

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Subject: Seeking Freon/Refrigerant Management "How To's" for Apartment Managers

Folks --

We received an inquiry on the Compliance Assistance Discussion Forum (http://www.bulletinboards.com/view.cfm?comcode=CAC) recently, asking for forms that can be used to track all use/recovery of freon for apartment building maintenance.  I would like to generalize the question to ask:

"Is anyone aware of P2, compliance assistance, or "best practices" documents about Freon management which is aimed at property managers (apartment managers, hotel managers, etc)?"

In this specific case, the user is looking for information applicable to small-medium sized apartment complexes (< 300 units) where the maintenance supervisor often IS the refrigeration technician. 

Thanks in advance for your help,
Scott Butner
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