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No-Cost Energy Efficiency Training for Schools and Agencies from ENERGY STAR

Title: No-Cost Energy Efficiency Training for Schools and Agencies from ENERGY STAR

Every organization makes decisions that affect the environment. From everyday purchases to long-range planning decisions, these choices can build an organization’s reputation as an environmental leader.  When the choice involves energy efficiency, the environmental option can also be the best financial decision.  EPA’s ENERGY STAR offers a suite of Internet-based training sessions at no cost that show how to incorporate energy efficiency into an organization’s planning process. Whether a local government is establishing procurement specs, a school district is designing new buildings, or a college is looking to finance new HVAC equipment, ENERGY STAR offers solutions.  Participants in these live sessions exchange ideas on a toll-free conference call while logged into a presentation on the Internet.  They interact with experienced energy or financial consultants during a 30 to 60 minute session.  Full descriptions of each presentation and online registration are available at:  http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=business.bus_internet_presentations

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