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Fwd: RE: Mass (materials) balance models

There are a few problems associated with the use of materials balance 
models for process improvement and pollution prevention:

1.  This is a very expensive proposition to gather meaningful information 
for a "balance"
2.  The data gets "old" quickly and must be updated on a periodic basis - 
more monet!

Besides these obvious draw-backs, there is a lot of number crunching to be 
done with a lot of data entry time.

I have been working with two groups, one in Japan and one in Germany, that 
have jointly developed "materials flow cost accounting" models that use 
management information systems (e.g., an Enterprise Resources Planning 
system known as SAP or the run of the mill "material resources planning" 
software) to generate the information for the analysis.  This "automates" 
the data entry part of the work, but it is still a big job to align the 
work.  My work has involved creating accounting sheets that can be linked 
to hierarchical process maps so a company can do some "just in time" 
materials (resources) balances JUST around the work steps that they seek to 
improve.  The numbers can still be automated using the EPR or MRP to 
facilitate its use.  I have posted a DEMO on my Harvard course web site 
<http://courses.dce.harvard.edu/~envre105/DEMO_START.swf> that details how 
this can be accomplished.  I can send anyone a couple of papers presented 
at an International conference on material flow cost accounting held in 
Japan in January 2003 that will provide some more details on the 
methodology and the improvements that are under way.  This may help those 
who have clients that are faint of heart when it comes to the use of 
expensive balance modelling.  The just-in-time information always sounds 
better to them.

Bob Pojasek

>From: "Dale @ ESP" <esp@espsupport.com>
>To: "Cindy McComas" <mccom003@tc.umn.edu>,
>         "P2tech" <p2tech@great-lakes.net>
>Subject: RE: Mass (materials) balance models
>Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 09:54:03 -0500
>I found a program by High Performance Systems, Inc. that is a modeling
>program called Stella.  You can find it at
>URL:  http://www.hps-inc.com/index.htm
>Move over the "Science and Research" tab and then software and click on the
>Stella dropdown.  It appears there is a demo you can download.  I didn't
>look at it in any depth so I don't know what platform it runs on or if it is
>the same as you were looking for but maybe it is.
>Let us [P2 Tech] know if this is the program and how it works.  It might be
>a good tool for many of us doing P2 and process improvement projects to help
>ID benefits of changes.
>Good Luck.
>Dale H. Francke, P.E.
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>Subject: Mass (materials) balance models
>I am looking for a mass or material balance computer model for industrial
>work.  I used to work with one called "Stella" (Mac based at the time), but
>cannot locate that anymore.  Are there others that you have used where you
>change one parameter, and it adjusts other parameters?
>Thanks, Cindy
>Cindy McComas, Director
>Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP)
>University of Minnesota


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