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Re: Question- Looking for P2 demonstration ideas - beyond theclay

I have used 2 methods, which are simple but practical. For young kids, I
find products that have toxics (eg, Windex) and those that don't
(vinegar and water) and I have testers clean windows using unmarked
containers. Then I have the rest of the kids judge which is cleaner. So
far they have picked the vinegar...without me having to explain that P2
means you can use non-toxic or less toxic products.
For 7th graders in their classrooms, I divide them into groups of 4-5
and give them labels of 4 chemicals (eg, lead, cadmium, organic
solvents, plasticizers). I explain how these chemicals are used in
products and what qualities they give to products. Then I have them
decide which chemicals are used in products found in the room (eg,
computers, light bulbs, flooring, household batteries).
When they are done, I ask them to explain why they think a chemical is
used in a given product and I give them the most likely answers. They
seem to really get into this activity and are amazed at the little
factoids I give them, such as the reason a computer monitor is so heavy
is that the average one has over 6 pounds of lead in it. Finally, I tell
them the health effects associated with the chemicals (or I write a
summary of them on the board while they are working).
Good luck!
Melinda Dower
609 292-1122

>>> "MacCormac, Deborah" <Deborah.MacCormac@dep.state.fl.us> 03/31/03
03:41PM >>>
I am wondering if anyone has come up with any innovative ideas lately
on how
to demonstrate P2? 
As stated above, beyond the clay demo if possible, which I recall is
good in its own right.  Am hoping to present P2 to a number of groups
of 5th
and 7th grade school children. 
Do you know of any new, or tried and true P2 demo tools that children
interact with, see, and touch? 
All ideas/suggestions from this creative group are greatly
{Prize for the best concept (which I will share with everyone) is a
Hershey's Easter bunny!!} Just kidding.
Deborah MacCormac
FDEP - Orlando
P2 /Special Projects 

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Subject: What are the P2 priorities for small business?

What are the Pollution Prevention priorities for small business?


The Small Business Pollution Prevention Center (SBPPC) of the Iowa
Reduction Center has worked toward bridging the gap for small business
environmental stewardship for the past nine years through applied
and training efforts targeted for small business.  Highlights of our
accomplishments include:


         The Mobile Outreach for Pollution Prevention (MOPP)

         The Environmental Management System (EMS) Service Center. 

         Printed and web-based industry specific guidance manuals.

         Created training tools for community college programs
pollution prevention. 

         Conducting applied research in waste specific problems to
practical solutions. 


Work remains to be done in applied research and providing training
tools for
small business to implement Pollution Prevention (P2) technologies. 


To better focus these resources I would like to develop a "Small
Business P2
Priorities List" through concensus of the listserv participants. 


I have reviewed the list developed in 2000 by an NPPR workgroup and
by MNTap's Cindy McComas to EPA's Ed Weiler for consideration in SBIR
projects (our current dry machining project was initiated as a result.)
please respond... I will compile the list and then post the results
further discussion.

 What are the Pollution Prevention priorities for small business? 

Sue Schauls

Sue Schauls
Program Manager
Small Business Pollution Prevention Center
Iowa Waste Reduction Center
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Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613

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