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Kids P2 games from the SBPPC

Deborah and the Listserv,
The IWRC's Small Business Pollution Prevention Center has recently developed 3 P2 games for 7-12 graders. The games were co-designed by Susan Salterberg from UNI's Center for Energy and Environmental Eduction and Cindy Blobaum an environmetnal education expert.
We did once pilot them with 5th graders but you have to complete the decision sheets and them have them act in groups as the business owner.
The games simulate small business ownership in the dry cleaning, automotive repair and print industries. One game for each industry, they can be downloaded or a larger more durable copy can be order. Free of charge to the P2 community responding to this posting!

Business, math and environmental science 7-12th grade teachers can impact student achievement by using The Clean Scene, Rev it Up, or Fine Print in their classrooms. These games are a real-life simulation in which students make business decisions. Then they play board games where they reap benefits and suffer consequences of their decisions. The lesson introduces students to small business decision-making, entrepreneurship, pollution prevention, economics and finance.

The idea is to try to introduce P2 at an early age so tht it too may become "normal" behavior. I hope they meet with approval and call me if you want to develop a wider distribution in your state,



Sue Schauls
Program Manager
Small Business Pollution Prevention Center
Iowa Waste Reduction Center
1005 Technology Parkway
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613
Fax: 319/268-3733