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Where is P2 in the EPA's upcoming 5 Year Strategic Plan?

As some of you may know, the EPA is currently in the process of developing
the 2003 Strategic Plan which "serves as the Agency’s road map for the next 5
years". In this proposed Plan - P2 is merely part of one goal, buried as a
sub-objective in Goal 5 entitled "Compliance and Environmental Stewardship".
Pollution Prevention is not included in the guiding principles or cross-goal
strategies of this Plan.  As a cross-goal strategy P2 would have the most
influence across the entire spectrum of initiatives within the Plan. It
should not be tucked away as a sub-objective.  (At present the 6 fundamental
Strategies are Partnerships, Information, Innovation, Human Capital, Science
and Homeland Security.) P2 is a fundamental principal and belongs in the
cross-goal strategy category. It should be part of every element of the Plan.
As P2 professionals, we now have the opportunity to urge that Pollution
Prevention be given it's proper place in the Strategic Plan. 
Please take a few moments and submit your comment asap to
Together we can make a difference!
Kindest Regards
Deborah MacCormac
FDEP - Orlando
P2 / Special Projects



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