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Re: What are the P2 priorities for small business?


      Just to build on what Sue has said, the development and
maintenance of such a list can serve two purposes:

(1) It can represent the P2 Technical Assistance Provider Community's
collective sense of specific environmental problems for which there are
no viable prevention-oriented solutions.  High-priority items on such a
list are good candidates for inclusion in EPA's annual SBIR Phase I
Solicitation.  The  "dry machining" project invoked by Sue is a case in
point.  On the basis of some earlier work by Andy Bray at NEWMOA, and a
recommendation from NPPR's Tech Transfer Workgroup, this topic was
included in a past Solicitation.  A small firm in New Hampshire (Creare,
Inc.) submitted a proposal and was awarded a Phase I.  Creare's
application for a Phase II is currently pending.

(2) Such a list can also inform those of us here at EPA Headquarters who
participate in the 2nd Round of reviews that are conducted for both
Phase 1 and Phase II.  For both phases, a given proposal must undergo a
peer review for technical feasibility.  Those proposals that rank highly
are then reviewed by EPA staffers, such as myself (I'm in the Pollution
Prevention Division of the Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics)
for "programmatic relevancy."   Provided that I can point to something
concrete, such as the list in question, I can make the case that a given
proposal is "programmatically relevant" to OPPT, even if OPPT
Headquarters is not doing any work in this particular area.  The
practical effect of this approach is that it gives P2 more visibility,
and a better shot at getting its fair share of research dollars....AND,
I would also argue, better research projects over the long-run, since
they would be generated from and supported by P2 practitioners in the

      Thanks for your consideration.

Edward M. Weiler, Economist
1200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Mail Stop 7409M
Washington DC 20460
Phone: 202-564-8836
Fax: 202-564-8901

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What are the Pollution Prevention priorities for small business?
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The Small Business Pollution Prevention Center (SBPPC) of the Iowa Waste
Reduction Center has worked toward bridging the gap for small business
environmental stewardship for the past nine years through applied
research and training efforts targeted for small business.  Highlights
of our accomplishments include:

         The Mobile Outreach for Pollution Prevention (MOPP)
demonstration unit.
         The Environmental Management System (EMS) Service Center.
         Printed and web-based industry specific guidance manuals.
         Created training tools for community college programs
addressing pollution prevention.
         Conducting applied research in waste specific problems to
determine practical solutions.

Work remains to be done in applied research and providing training tools
for small business to implement Pollution Prevention (P2) technologies.

To better focus these resources I would like to develop a "Small
Business P2 Priorities List" through concensus of the listserv

I have reviewed the list developed in 2000 by an NPPR workgroup and
provided by MNTap's Cindy McComas to EPA's Ed Weiler for consideration
in SBIR projects (our current dry machining project was initiated as a
result.) So please respond... I will compile the list and then post the
results for further discussion.
 What are the Pollution Prevention priorities for small business?
Sue Schauls

Sue Schauls
Program Manager
Small Business Pollution Prevention Center
Iowa Waste Reduction Center
1005 Technology Parkway
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613
Fax: 319/268-3733

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