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Final note - Keep the Mercury from Rising - video and brochures

By now I should have responded to every request recieved through this network
for free copies of our new Mercury video and brochures.  Please advise if you
have not received your materials, it maybe an oversight on my part. 
If you've not yet requested the free copies and would like to do so, please
email me as soon as possible. This will be my last notice. 
To date I have distributed videos and brochures to P2 Tech subscribers in
almost every State in the Union including Hawaii and Alaska and to several
Provinces in Canada. (Even sent copies to the UN Headquarters in Geneva
Thank you all again for your interest in this excellent initiative.
" Together we can make a difference!"
Kindest Regards
Deborah MacCormac
Florida Department of Environmental Protection 
Orlando-Central District


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