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RE: Bathroom Fixture Recycling

I'd suggest Habitat for Humanity as a possible outlet.  I also heard that Hampton Roads VA did a swap out program and faced a disposal problem.  I understand they ground them up into aggregate and used them to seed Oyster beds where they worked fantastically.  I don't have a contact in Hampton Roads but let me know if you want me to see what else I can find out.
John Calcagni 
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Subject: Bathroom Fixture Recycling

Hi All,
I'm currently working on a large scale water conservation project.  Potentially, this project could be upgrading a large number (thousands) of toilets and faucets - leaving all the existing units behind.  Does anyone out there know of any contacts for porcelain recycling and/or metal recyclers that would accept sink fixtures?  Any leads are greatly appreciated.
Thanks - jks     

Julie Sieving

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