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Fwd: RE: Bathroom Fixture Recycling

On of my clients makes toilets (in Romania).  They grind their rejects and use them to make new toilets.  I know that many hotels are using reground bottles to replace the sand in the smoking canisters and saving a lot of money.  They also use it as aggregate in cement and cold patch to repair the parking lots.  I hear there are other uses for the coarse sand.  I would suggest that you find some ready-mix concrete supplier in town and ask them if they sell "flowable fill."  This is a pozzalanic cement used to fill trenches with absolutely no subsidence.  They will pay to get the ground material.  But remember that it will take a lot of energy (and create a lot of noise) to grind this material.

In Portland, Oregon there is a store called the "RE-Store."  They take materials from build-outs and resell them.  It is a great place.  There are other cities in the Pacific Northwest that have them and they have a network with other stores like this from around the country.  I am sure they are in the Yahoo yellow pages.

There are many salvage yards that will take the fixtures for recycling.  This should not be a problem.

Bob Pojasek

I'd suggest Habitat for Humanity as a possible outlet.  I also heard that Hampton Roads VA did a swap out program and faced a disposal problem.  I understand they ground them up into aggregate and used them to seed Oyster beds where they worked fantastically.  I don't have a contact in Hampton Roads but let me know if you want me to see what else I can find out.
John Calcagni
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Hi All,
I'm currently working on a large scale water conservation project.  Potentially, this project could be upgrading a large number (thousands) of toilets and faucets - leaving all the existing units behind.  Does anyone out there know of any contacts for porcelain recycling and/or metal recyclers that would accept sink fixtures?  Any leads are greatly appreciated.
Thanks - jks


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