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P2 Position at Ames Research Center

Job announcement for NASA Ames Research Center.

                      John Scarboro                                                                            
                      <jscarboro@mail.ar        To:       John Katz/R9/USEPA/US@EPA                            
                      c.nasa.gov>               cc:       Tom Anderson <thanderson@mail.arc.nasa.gov>          
                                                Subject:  P2 Position at Ames Research Center                  
                      05/15/2003 02:43                                                                         

The job announcement for the P2 position at Ames is attached in Word

The Ames Research Center web site is here: http://www.arc.nasa.gov/ and
gives some background on the Center.  Unfortunately, the Office of
Environmental Services pages are only available on the local network.
course, if people have any questions, I'd be glad to give them whatever
info I could or refer them to the right person.

Tom Anderson is the person who is in charge of hiring for the P2
position.  He can be reached at 650-604-0296 or

Thanks for your help with this!


John Scarboro
Environmental Management Systems Coordinator
PAI Corporation
NASA Ames Research Center
MS 221-10
Moffett Field, CA 94035
Phone: (650) 604-6965
Fax:      (650) 604-2034
(See attached file: P2_job_announcement.so1.doc)