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Styrene monomer regulations



I received this inquiry from a client in Texas. Can anyone help?


CMR is an established technical and market research firm serving the petrochemical and polymers industries. Several years ago, we did a major multi client report on Unsaturated Polyesters that is still widely read in the industry. From time to time, we field questions from large users of these resins in the marine "fiberglass" fabrication area. Styrene monomer is a part of the formulation and is regulated to 100 ppm worker exposure with an industry mandated level of 50 ppm. A larger marine client of ours called this AM with news that new regulations were being proposed in California to reduce styrene exposure down to 20 ppm, 2, ppm or even 1 ppm. The impact on a large industry would of course be very hard. The question we were asked to investigate was (1) what is the status of this proposal, (2) why is it being sponsored, (3) do the sponsors know the economic impacts (4) and do they know the practical limits of threshold technology? We can provide the impact of jobs, taxes, the local economy, etc. for the various ppm styrene levels, thank you for considering this request.



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