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RE: NPPR Input Needed

My sense is that travel is as tough (maybe tougher) this fall as it was 
last spring. We are not showing any travel money into 2004-5 at this point. 
 So that leaves Option 2, with the realization that it will take some doing 
to get workgroups organized enough to participate in a series of calls.  If 
we pursue Option 2, it would be nice to define some structure around this 
instead of just leaving it up to the workgroups--how many calls, when 
should they take place, what topics need to be discussed (ie spring 
conference sessions), who will pay for the call, etc.
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Subject:	NPPR Input Needed

The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable Board of Directors is 
recommending that we NOT hold the Fall NPPR meeting because of budget 
issues, travel restrictions, etc.

However, before a final decision is made, the board would like your input, 
since the Fall meeting is traditionally for the best time for the NPPR 
workgroups to meet.

We have several options to consider (maybe more):

Option 1 - Workgroups meet at the Western Regiona P2 Roundtable Conference. 

- We received an invitation from the WRPPR to host the NPPR workgroups 
during the October 2003 meeting at Lake Tahoe. The workgroups would have 
the option to meet and participate in the conference and the NPPR may be 
able to provide some room rental assistance, but members would provide 
their own travel and registration costs.

Option 2 - Virtual Workgroup Meetings

Another option is to host a series of workgroup conference calls or other 
"virtual" sessions to provide the workgroups with the opportunity to 
continue to work over the summer.

Please email me at kzarker@tceq.state.tx.us with your preference to the 
Options or other recommendations.


Ken Zarker
Chair & Acting Executive Director

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