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RV: Basic environment/industry info

Hi P2Tech and One-L
This turns out to be an interesting question, maybe the listservs can help
do you know of a good - downloadable - publication that describes not only
the emissions from industry but also WHY we care about them, for example
wastewater - so what? what happens, why is it a problem, who and what does
it affect?  I searched through my refs and sources and did not find anything
that really seems to fit the bill.  A suitable answer to "what are the
environmental impacts from industry and why should we care?" (its that last
part that seems lacking in most pubs) might cover

Use of natural resources eg water, forest, fish etc and impact on competing
users eg other animals
Use of chemicals and resulting impacts from chem production up the supply
Ditto for packaging
Facility emissions to air, water, land, and what happens and why and so what
Impacts of products - transport, use and disposal
Marketing - encouraging unsustainable consumption in general as well of a
company´s products

While the "so what" question might seem trite if you work in this business
of cleaner production or biz and enviro, it is a very valid question for a
vast majority of business managers around th world, especially those used to
daily enviro degradation in urban areas, who get their water from taps or
bottles and whose garbarge "magically" disappears every night.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Burt Hamner

Hello Burt,
Deb Savage and I are developing some materials for a training course on
Cleaner Production that will be delivered to an audience of mixed technical
and non-technical backgrounds in Korea.  We are interested in including some
very basic information about the different kinds of impacts that industry in
general has on the environment.  Surprisingly, most of the Cleaner
Production and Pollution Prevention materials we've looked through skip this
introductory information, and start with the idea that industry does harm
the environment without talking about how.  I have looked through your
"Greatest Hits" CD and was overwhelmed by information, but none of it quite
this basic and general.  Do you have any suggestions of where I could find

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