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Re: SEPs

Hey, Phil -

you know, a few years ago I gave some thought to doing a topic hub on SEPs,
but bailed because of the EPA SEP database - but now I think they have
dropped that project.  May be time to look into this again.  Anyway - I
think it's a good idea and am glad you are doing something with this.

Region 3 has an SEP "Idea Bank" - they partition by statute - that looks
like a decent way to capture and manage the information - I'm not sure if
there is enough info for you:
http://www.epa.gov/reg3ecej/enforcement/sepindex.htm and the main page

NREL has been touting SEPs to develop clean energy projects of late.  The
link is a presentaiton given to the state energy organizations.  Contact
our mutual friend Denise Rayborn on that.

I don't know  how applicable Ohio's information is to the Region 7 and in
your case NDEQ approval of projects, but they did a nice job documenting
their SEP activity:

There are some really old, but functional, links at envirosense:



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The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department is looking for ideas for
creative, community-based Supplemental Environmental Projects. We wish to
create a list of a couple of dozen ideas, grouped by media and regulation,
to give to businesses. This list is not intended to be restrictive nor
all-inclusive but can serve as a starting point for discussion or
brainstorming when a business faces a penalty. It might also serve as a
type of guidance document.

If anyone out there has any success stories of SEPs that have been unique,
benefitted the community at large, and met the EPA criteria for an
acceptable SEP, I'd love to hear about them.


Phil Rooney
Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department
3140 N Street
Lincoln, NE 68510

(402) 441-8644

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