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Re: Bleach Manufacturing

So many people just focus on the process itself and fail to look at the 
myriad of supporting processes - they may create most of the waste in some 
cases.  The main process (making the bleach) cannot happen if the 
supporting processes are not used).  If I was this manufacturer, I would 
ask about the following supporting processes:

Loss of chlorine by leaks OR excess reactant
Cleaning the reactor
Maintaining all the supporting equipment (corrosive environment)
Filling and packaging of the product containers
Technology for making smaller bubbles

There are probably twice this number.  By using the hierarchical process 
mapping technique in Chapter 4 of the US EPA publication, "An 
Organizational Guide to Pollution Prevention," Ms. Slocum can help this 
company locate ALL the opportunities for pollution prevention (i.e., 
conserving the use of materials, water and resources AND the elimination of 
all process losses - wastes).  The company must be very careful to take a 
complete inventory of supporting processes and assign each to the work step 
at the lowest level in the hierarchical process map.  I would guess that 
they would identify 40 opportunities for pollution prevention easily if 
they did this.  I suspect that many of these supporting processes are in 
Ms.Hsieh's library of success stories.

Bob Pojasek

At 05:24 PM 06/20/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>From:   Sarah Slocum
>To:     Thomas Vinson
>Date:   6/20/03 5:02PM
>Subject:        Bleach Manufacturer P2 Options
>Does anyone have any pollution prevention information or ideas relating to 
>bleach manufacturing?  We received a call from a customer who was 
>frustrated with having to create and implement a P2 plan, as he felt like 
>P2 was not applicable to his company's operations.  The manufcaturer 
>bubbles Chrloring from rail cars through storage tanks filled with sodium 
>hydroxide to make bleach.
>Thanks for you assistance.
>CC:     Grace Hsieh
>Tomas Vinson-Peng

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