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RE: Facility Level Cost-Benefit Analysis for Attaining ISO 14001 Certification?

check out the National Database on EMS for info on cost benefit analysis of EMS implementation
Burt Hamner
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Asunto: Facility Level Cost-Benefit Analysis for Attaining ISO 14001 Certification?

Hello -


I am an MBA student working in Bangkok for the summer conducting a cost-benefit analysis at the facility level for those facilities here in Thailand who have attained certification to the international labor standard SA8000.


I have so far developed a questionnaire outlining all of the possible data that I could want to gather to conduct this analysis, and I am now speaking to experts in the field to get their feedback on my approach and to make sure that I am not overlooking anything in my data gathering efforts.  


To my knowledge, no cost-benefit analyses of implementing SA8000 have been performed.  So, I thought it might be useful to benchmark my approach from cost-benefit analyses of ISO 14001 certification (or possibly even ISO 9001 certification…or even just implementing an EMS) that have been conducted at the facility-level. 


I have come across a few of these studies, but I am sure that there are more out there.  If you can suggest any studies that I might want to reference, please let me know.  I am particularly interested in the process used for gathering the data, the type of data gathered, and the methodologies used for attributing the benefits and costs specifically to the certification process.  Certainly, too, I am open to suggestions regarding other experts in the field with whom I may want to speak.


Please reply directly to my school email address listed below. I can also be reached via phone at the Kenan Institute Asia at (662)229-3131 or 229-3132.  You may then need to press 0 for the Operator.  Then, ask to be transferred to the Labor Standards Advisory Services Division.  Bangkok time is 11 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, FYI. 




Karen Seeh



Karen Seeh

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